• Step 3 - Smart Solutions

    Innovative merchant service solutions to help improve your current situation.

    1. Merchant Cash Discount Program - Eliminate Up to 90% of Your Merchant Processing Fees
    2. Level III Processing - Lower Your Interchange Costs
    3. Business Forgiveness Program - Cash Advance Forgiveness
    4. Cash Advance Program - Cash Advance, Expansion Loan and/or Leasing

    Merchant Cash Discount Program

    Eliminate Up To 90% of Your Merchant Processing Fees

    Benefits Include:

    • Pre-programmed equipment and training
    • No contracts or strings attached
    • Increase business profitability 
    • Increase cash sales while fighting credit card fees
    • Reward customers with an instant cash discount
    • All price tags can reflect the Cash Discount; this is not a surcharge program or convenience fee!

    Start Saving with our simplified Cash Discount Membership!


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    Level III Processing

    With our Virtual Terminal Solution

    Level III processing gives merchants a lower interchange cost when the merchant provides more information pertaining to each transaction. Level III processing is only available to merchants who do a majority of business-to-business transactions, or government-to-government transactions.


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    Business Forgiveness Program

    • Provide working capital to an ISV (Integrated Software Vendor)
    • Cash advance forgiveness
    • Advance amount can be from $500k up to $4 million
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    Cash Advance Program

    • Business Cash Advance 
    • Business Expansion Loan
    • Leasing
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